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Bond valuation includes calculating the present value of the bond's future interest payments, also known as its cash flow, and the bond's value upon maturity, also known as its face value or par value.

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Global Market Reports

File Type Date
Jan2020 Market Summary Monthly Reports 2020-01-31
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BSB FI Runs 07.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-07
BSB FI Runs 10.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-10
BSB FI Runs 11.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-11
BSB FI Runs 12.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-12
BSB FI Runs 13.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-13
BSB FI Runs 14.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-14
BSB FI Runs 17.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-17
BSB FI Runs 18.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-18
Dec2019 Market Summary Monthly Reports 2019-12-27
BSB FI Runs 19.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-19
BSB FI Runs 20.02.20 Daily Runs 2020-02-20
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Mar2020 Market Summary Monthly Reports 2020-03-31
Q1 2020 Performance & Outook for Q2 2020 Economic Views 2020-03-31
Scancom PLC. (MTNGH) Coverage Economic Views 2020-06-26
May2020 Market Summary Monthly Reports 2020-05-29
Apr2020 Market Summary Monthly Reports 2020-04-30
HY2020 Market Performance & Q3 2020 Outlook Economic Views 2020-06-05
Ghana Economic Report (June2020) Economic Views 2020-06-26